OUR SERVICES   Professional Groomers with skill and love for dogs.

Maru Maru offer high quality dog grooming and daycare in stress-free environment with reasonable prices.  Our groomres are highly skilled professional and are experienced in grooming all the breed types.  We work hard to make your dog look good and feel happy!


We are proud to offer quality dog grooming service by highly skilled professional groomers for your beloved furry family members.  Our services range from simple wash to style cuts for all breeds including specialized cuts for schnauzers, cocker spaniels, west highland terriers, poodles and many others.  Come and expereince our expert scissor hands!


Our doggy day care is just like child day care. We cherish your dog like our own children. We give personal attention to daycare dogs and they get lots of cuddles and play with other dogs during their stay. The service includes one walk. 

❖ Half day (up to 5 hours)

❖ Full day  (over 5 hours)


Busy people enjoy our door-to-door pick up service.  The driver picks up your dog in the morning (10-11am, depending on traffic and the number of dogs to be picked up on the day), and returns them in the late afternoon. Your doggie can have grooming and socialize with other dogs, while you can have a relaxing day off from doggy parenting.

❖ Contact the shop for availability of the week.

❖ Pick-Up Area:  Sydney City, Inner-West  (Up to 10 km from Stanmore)


How about adding one extra to give more charm to your loved one.  See what a difference it makes with a little colour on their ears and tail!  We have a variety of hair dyes specially made for colouring dog fur.  Please note that we do not colour the whole body as the dye is strong on dog's skin.

Pink Blue Purple Orange Green Red Black and more!



We offer a unique retail selection for doggie products. We are sure you will find something different from our Maru Maru Shop.  We have products imported from Japan and other countries. We also feature doggy dress-maker Hiroko Yoshida's fabulous Japanese pattened collars, leads, harneses, dog beds, doggy dresses and many more.

❖ Clothing & Accessories  ❖ Natural Treats  ❖ Dog Birthday Cakes  ❖ Collars & Leads  ❖Dog Toys  ❖Grooming Products  ❖ and much more.

Your doggy deserves a relaxing time!  Our massage & healing services are performed by certified animal dog healer. Bookings are essential.

❖ CLAY BODY PACK - Skin & Hair Treatment

Our Deal Sea Clay Pack immediately brings a beautiful, soft and shiny feel to your dog's fur.

  • Effects: deodorising; moisturising; alleviates skin allergies; anti-bacterial. It also effectively removes built-up dirt and bacteria from pores and follicles.

  • Only available with shampoo service.



Aroma-care Massage

Using essential oils which have been carefully selected to suit your dog's behaviour, mood and overall health, we give a smooth, gentle and relaxing massage.


Acupressure Massage

This is good for releasing stress and improving circulation  to improve the condition of your pet's skin.


Reiki Energy Healing

This Japanese method of healing aims to balance energy flow between body, mind and soul to bring about a state of relaxation.