LOYALTY SCHEME   (Conditions apply. See the bottom of the page)

  • Come back within 4 weeks since the previous visit, receive 10% OFF from your grooming charge.

  • Come back within 6 weeks since the previous visit, receive 5% OFF from your grooming charge.

  • If you bring more than 3 dogs and more, receive 5% OFF on 3rd and additional dogs.

  • Downlowand the Maru Maru app to start recording your visits to receive a $10 voucher on your 10th visit.

Download our new mobile app to get a chance to earn a $10 voucher on your 10 th visit.

Search "Maru Maru Pet Services" on App Store or Google Play

 Conditions on our discount scheme:

  • Only one discount can be claimed per visit (i.e. if you have 3 dogs and came back within 4 weeks, you will only  get Early Return discount.)

  • Discounts only apply for grooming services (wash, tidy-up, clipper cut, style cut).

  • Dicounts do NOT apply for extra services such as dematting, flea shampoo, medicated shampoo, colour gyeing or , nail clipping.

  • You need to download the Maru Maru Pet Services App on your mobile to start collecting visits.

  • You can redeem the $10 voucher from Maru Maru App at the same time as the Early Return or Pack of Wild Dogs discount.

  • Registering your visits by Maru Maru app only applies for grooming services (wash, tidy-up, clipper cut, style cut)