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Please refer to the policies below  before our groomers start service on your precious little family members. These policies are to ensure that you and your dogs receive a fair and pleasant service at Maru Maru Pet Services.

Maru Maru Pet Services


1.  Please inform our staff in advance about your dog’s do’s and don’ts and general health condition, or any change in health condition.​​


2.  For dogs with medical conditions, diseases, or who are elderly and infirm, we recommend you to take your pet to a veterinarian hospital grooming salon. We can refer you if needed. We may groom elderly dogs on the condition that they are in good health, and that the owner accepts there may be some risk involved. However, we accept no liability for injury, illness or death that may occur despite the best efforts of our staff.

3.  We do not accept dogs with infectious diseases, fleas or ticks. If we discover any fleas or ticks during the grooming session, we will do our best to eliminate them. However, if the condition does not show any improvement on the next visit, we may not accept your dog due to the risk of infection to other dogs inside the salon.

4.  We always provide the best possible care and attention to all our dogs. However, please be aware that some dogs may become sick, be injured or experience unexpected accidents during a grooming session. In the case of an accident or injury, we will contact you immediately and take your dog to a veterinarian for appropriate medical treatment. In extremely urgent circumstances or if the owner is out of reach, we may notify you afterwards. However, we will not use a veterinarian if we consider that the injury is minor and can be treated by our staff with simple first aid measures.

5. In the case of a veterinarian visit due to our fault, we will cover the veterinarian’s medical bill, however we will NOT be liable for any additional visits, damages or any other compensation.

6.  In the case of problems that occur outside of our control, such as an unexpected accident, chronic disease, unique medical condition or natural disaster, we will contact you first and take your dog to the veterinarian for appropriate treatment. The owner is to pay all bills. We will NOT be liable for any damages or other compensation.


7.  We may decide not to accept your dog for grooming depending on the dog’s health condition, as determined by our authorised staff. We do not force grooming on elderly dogs or underage puppies. We may stop in the middle of the grooming procedure if we think the dog is not physically able to continue, or if the dog is young and not accustomed to grooming. We may still charge the grooming fee depending on the stage of progress.


8.  If your dog is prone to biting or acts too agitated to be groomed, we will finish grooming as far as we are able. We may charge the grooming fee depending on the stage of progress.


9.  If you wish your dog to be separated from other dogs, please let us know in advance. Also, we may isolate your dog in a cage when our staff consider it to be the best option. For example: dogs with fleas or ticks, elderly dogs, puppies, dogs being antisocial to other dogs, biting, excessive barking, or humping other dogs.


10.  We conduct a consultation about your grooming requests before the procedure. However, the outcome may not turn out to be exactly how you expected, which may be due to your dog’s fur type or condition or age. If that happens, we do not discount or refund the grooming fee.


11. We do not accept complaints about the grooming style after your dog has been taken home.We may post pictures of your dog on our social media platforms.


12.  We may post pictures of your dog on our social media platforms.


13.  We reserve the right to refuse bookings from customers who are consistently late or cancel appointments.


Maru Maru Pty Ltd. handles and protects your personal information legally and ethically. Your personal information is only used to communicate with you about services and bookings, our events, products, or announcement of services. In addition, your dog’s photo, name and breed may appear on our social media platforms. We do NOT disclose your personal information except when Maru Maru has to delegate to a third party to execute our services, or legal authorities request us to do so.

Free of Fleas


It is the customer’s responsibility to keep your dog’s flea protection up-to-date 

Maru Maru takes precautions to minimise flea risk, however there is still a chance of catching fleas from other dogs.   If you are worried about your dog catching fleas, please inform us and we will keep them isolated in a cage during their grooming. Please inform us if your dog has fleas and will give them a CAPSTAR pill or flea shampoo, at the customer’s expense. If we find any fleas, your dog will be isolated and given the above treatments at the customer’s expense.


A dog’s coat can become matted when it’s not groomed regularly or effectively, and knots and tangles develop into clumps. Matting can occur in the outer coat or the undercoat, where it may not be visible. It can cut off air or blood circulation to the skin, and may cause skin irritation, infection, inflammation or sores. In severe cases this can lead to serious medical conditions.

In many cases, matting cannot be just brushed out, but must be shaved off with clippers. Clipping matted coats is quite difficult as the groomer cannot easily gauge the depth of the matting or what is underneath; nicks and small cuts can occur as a result. Clipping can also cause dogs to have a significant physical or emotional reaction, as it is a dramatic change for them. When you pick your dog up from a de-matting session you may find your pet is upset or out of sorts for a period of time. Some dogs can become unwell after a de-matting session.

We ask owners to sign our Matted Coat Release Form before the grooming session if a dog's coat is extremely matted.


Maru Maru Pet Services has experience since 2005 in matting procedures and there is always a senior groomer on the premises. If you have questions about matting, please speak to the staff before you sign the waiver. 

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